Why Notenik is the best open source free app for Atomic Notes and Permanent Notes

2 min readApr 21, 2022

Why Notenik is the best open source free app for Atomic Notes and Permanent Notes!

Read this thread 🧵 if you feel obsidian is getting too much love 😈

Recently I don’t remember how but I stumbled into @NotenikApp. I had long back quit Obsidian as I couldn’t get the sync working and logseq was always a bit slow.

Other apps like @memdotai are wonderful but I like to see more order to my notes. They are good for working notes and for sharing for teams. But PN and AN (permanent notes and atomic notes) are sacred. You cannot mix them with casual working notes like emails and fleeing ideas.

Also I wanted something which is inter-operable and there shouldn’t be any loss of functionality (just because a feature or plugin). What I mean is all i wanted is a simple MD format for all my notes.

Don’t think of @NotenikApp as a simple text editor it is a powerful note-taking app loaded with features. Yes, you can get backlinks, task, dates, time stamp, modified date etc.

Notenik has wonderful export option, once you have finished all your atomic notes, you can export in a variety of format. Export as OPML and start working on your mind map app or outline app. You can even publish as a e-book.

Creation of a collection (Permanent Note) is breezy. Each collection has a folder so you can be sure that you will find all your notes in sequence (if you want).

I have been so excited about this note-taking free open source app that I have been troubling the developer @herbbowiewith my queries. His response is usually the same day.

So to sum it up if you are not happy with in the roam, obsidian or logsec ecosystem and don’t want to mix your atomic notes and permanent notes with daily notes or fleeting notes.

I would highly recommend you give https://notenik.app/ a try. Let me know how it goes.

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