Apps in Setapp which could be useful for Personal Knowledge Management.

3 min readMar 2, 2023


Every app does one thing well, and these special-purpose apps are an indispensable part of our workflow, but the money you might have to spend on subscriptions would get out of the budget. Hence I decided to give Setapp a chance after having discontinued my subscription a few years back.

Below are some apps you might find useful if you are a PKM worker.

Writing Apps on Setapp

Writing helps us to see how much we know. If we know the subject well, we can communicate it well; if we do not know the subject well, we cannot communicate it. Period!

The writing app I use in Set apps is

1. Ulysses

Though I prefer iA Writer over Ulysses’s writing app, you could give Ulysses a spin if you haven’t purchased iA Writer.

Ulysses is available on Setapp for both Mac and iOS.

Note-Taking apps

I use The Archive as my zettelkasten note-taking app, along with apple notes for shorter and for longer notes, I use Logseq. I use craftdoc for a project where I have a collaborator.

1. Craftdoc

Craftdoc is a beautiful iOS first note-taking app which works like an outliner. It shines when you are a team and has to leave comments on each other notes. It also has introduced an AI assistant, which is handy for expanding your thoughts. It also has a handy feature to quickly transfer your notes and tasks to other applications like Noteplan or Things 3.

Craftdoc is available on Setapp for both Mac and iOS.

2. Noteplan

I tried Noteplan for a while but have decided to stick to Craftdoc since it suits my purpose much better.

Noteplan is available on Setapp for both Mac and iOS.

3. Sidenotes

Sidenotes is an amazing notes app at the side or edge of your screen. A convenient keyboard shortcut can make it slide out for you to take notes while researching.

Only The Mac version is available on Setapp.

Project Management

Project management is always tough because I am a solo worker, and the people I work for aren’t into software and projects. For my projects, I have tried various apps, but one of the direst needs for me is to see my projects on a TimeLine. This is where Aeon Time Line comes to aid.

1. Aeon TimeLine

Aeon TimeLine is not built for projects. It was originally built for fiction writers who need to keep track of chronological events. But it is a very interesting application for visualising your project timelines. They have set up project templates where you can jump-start immediately.

Only The Mac version is available on Setapp.

Other Apps which are important for Personal Knowledge Management.


Popclip isn’t a note-taking app, but it facilitates note-taking. Whenever you select a text, the Popclip app is activated, and you can perform loads of actions like sending that copied text to Ulysses or Sidenotes. You can also do a google or Twitter search. Below is the set of actions I have configured.


Cleanshot is the best screenshot app out there. You can immediately take a screenshot, annotate it, blur it, upload it on their server to share a link etc.

I feel during note-taking, one needs to take a lot of screenshots, and Cleanshot is a must-have app.