Review of Text Expander

2 min readFeb 28, 2023

I have been using Text Expander for over three years. Text expander is one of those must-have apps which cannot be omitted. Imagine the repetitive stuff we need to type all day, like email addresses and answering sales queries over DM’s or soliciting leads to entice them. This can be done with saved snippets conveniently accessed by abbreviated keyboard shortcuts. This is the purpose of Text Expander.

Text Expander

Works on mobile

Many applications will offer you text expander features for free, but I haven’t found any that work on both mobile and mac.

Robust and reliable, unlike open-source alternatives

If you want reliable service, the open-source ones have bugs and are not actively maintained, so for a small monthly subscription, you get a text expander service which works.

Convenient Shortcuts

You can recall a snippet with a convenient keyboard shortcut if you have forgotten the abbreviation. You can also create a new snippet with a keyboard shortcut from your selected text.

Some other Alternatives

I am not a great expert on alternatives for Text Expander as I haven’t found any reason to switch from Text Expander. But below are some of the other text expanders you may want to try.

Apple’s OS native built-in keyboard expander

I think the OS native text expander cannot be used to store hundreds of snippets. It is best used for most common phrases.


Paste is an app that works on iOS and macOS, and it has folders you can store in your snippets. But it is not exactly a text expander, but can work as one.


Espanso is open-source and cross-platform compatible but not on mobile. I haven’t tried it, but this could be a good option if you are looking for a cross-platform without mobile support.