If you want to learn — create systems; if you want to earn — accomplish goals.

2 min readMar 22, 2023


Before you call me out on this, let me explain my subjective perspective on the above statement and why I have reached to the above conclusion.

Let us first define how we go about achieving our Goals

Our values lead us to a vision, and to make our vision a reality, we draw concrete goals.

To achieve our goals, we come up with small manageable tasks we need to reach our goals. The nature of the goal is that it has a start date and an end date. If we do not achieve them in the time frame we fail at our goal. The goals need to be lead measures and not lag measures. So all the tasks under the goals have to be done to achieve the goal. Projects should be goal oriented. They should have a start and end date and at the end date you need to show the results.

For eg,

  1. If you do not meet your yearly sales target, your company can fire you or it can go bust.
  2. If you do not come up with the new feature set, the competition will wipe you out of the market.

So I conclude to earn you need to have goals. You can only have goals, when you know how to estimate the time and the resources you need to achieve the goal.

Now let us look at Learning

Learning means gathering knowledge. Knowledge by it very nature is incomplete. Which means you are learning because you don’t know. This process cannot be Goal oriented. It has to be system oriented. You cannot estimate the time or the steps needed to become a world class programmer or expert at nocode. Ofcourse there are institutions which have courses etc, but we all know the education system is more for creating a network than learning. Learning is self taught and the best you can do is create systems to learn and grow.

This is my argument. Feel free to poke into the logic and leave comments.